Type of Creature:  Flying snake fish

Activity:                  Weather demons, 
                                 responsible for rain, snow
                                 and thunderstorms

Nourishment:        Little birds and fish

When Ninlil left Earth she instated the Basmu to take care of the weather.



The Basmu are the offspring of an ancient monster of the same name, bred and raised in captivity in the Underworld and therefore much smaller and less aggressive than their dangerous ancestor. They appear in swarms and attract clouds to extract the water they carry with them and spill it over the earth as rain or snow. As they were raised in the darkness of Irkalla, their eyesight is rather weak and they tend to bump into one another, causing thunder and lightning as their scales are electrically charged.

They don't harm humans but, as they only turn up as big unorganized crowds, they look quite overwhelming and even frightening.