Responsibility:   Sun god
Original Realm:  Heaven
Family:                An (great-grandfather)
                             Enlil (grandfather)
                             Ninlil (grandmother)
                             Ninhursaga (grandaunt)
                             Enki (granduncle)
                             Nisaba (grandaunt)
                             Girra (granduncle)
                             Baba (grandaunt) 
                             Nanna (father)
                             Ninurta (uncle)
                             Nergal (uncle)
                             Inanna (sister)
                             Ereshkigal (sister)



Utu is the God of the Sun, of Justice, Morality and Truth


As master of the sun, he feels superior to most of the gods apart from Enlil. Nonetheless, he is popular among the gods because he's good humoured and laid-back – most of the time. It is his relationship with Enki that has been in shambles for the past millennia and that brings Utu's worst traits to the surface. He is bold, stubborn and ruthless. And he is trying everything - from conspiracy to open fight - to bring the earth under his control, even if only to spite the water god.



Utu was once a big fan of Enki and supported him by making his sons kings of the city of Uruk to educate mankind and foster civilization, thereby sacrificing the immortality of his offspring. He helped his grandson Gilgamesh in his fight agains the Bull of Heaven, that Inanna had stirred up against him. When Utu's and Enki's endeavor finally turned against them and they were forced by Enlil to abandon the earth, Utu was not allowed to take his sons and his grandson with him, who were by then judges in Irkalla. He directed his rage towards Enki, who had persuaded him to sacrifice his offspring in the first place. 

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