Responsibility:   Goddess of Writing
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (father)
                             Enlil (half-brother)
                             Enki (half-brother)
                             Ninlil (sister in law)
                             Ninhursaga (half-sister)
                             Girra (half-brother)
                             Baba (half-sister) 
                             Ninurta (nephew)
                             Nanna (nephew)
                             Nergal (nephew)
                             Inanna (grandniece)
                             Ereshkigal (granddniece)
                             Utu (grandnephew)

Nisaba is the Scribe of the Gods and the Goddess of Writing and Teaching.



Nisaba is the divine chronicler, renowned for her learning, her curiosity and her accuracy.
The decision of the Gods to leave Earth was a terrible blow to her. She not only lost her human audience but also her job as the teacher of humanity which had given her deep satisfaction. And what's worse, the ignorance of most of her relatives, when it comes to reading and broadening their minds, makes her see red. Therefore, each month she risks arousing Enki’s rage by ignoring his orders and sending her predictions to Earth in the hope that mankind will read them and heed her advice.



Nisaba was named the scribe of the gods by Enki. She was the first philologist, kept records, chronicled events, and performed various other bookwork-related duties for the gods. She was also in charge of marking regional borders. On the first day of the new year, she settled disputes between mortals and gave aid to those in need. She has always been cooperating closely with Ninhursaga, trying to support Enki in his endeavors to protect mankind. As an admirer of literature, she loves to analyse characters and their motives and thus keeps tabs on all the other gods as well. For example she holds a monthly meeting with Nanna, the moon god, who helps her with her prophecies, as seeing the future is his forté.