Responsibility:   God of War
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (grandfather)
                             Enlil (father)
                             Ninhursaga (mother)
                             Enki (step-father)
                             Ninlil (step-mother)
                             Nisaba (aunt)
                             Girra (uncle)
                             Baba (aunt) 
                             Nanna (half-brother)
                             Nergal (half-brother)
                             Inanna (niece)
                             Ereshkigal (niece)
                             Utu (nephew)

Ninurta is the God of Farming, Law and War. 


Ninurta is the perfect warrior. He is a born military leader but also a strong and gifted lone fighter. Being quick tempered, impulsive and impatient, he tends to take on any quest that is brought before him. Even if it has originally not been his own concern, he takes it on for the sake of a new adventure. Apart from his impulsive nature, Ninurta is also a very ambitious god, always trying to climb the social ladder in the Pantheon and play his part in the everlasting struggle for leadership among the gods. Yet his ambition does not stand in the way of his loyalty and he'd rather fight for his rival out of devotion to duty, just to beat him in the next round.


Ninurta helped his father Enlil to overthrow An by beating the mighty demon Asag with thunderbolts. An had sent this horrible monster to destroy Ki and Abzu alike. After the fight, Asag was kept prisoner in the depths of Irkalla. Another of Ninurta's legendary fights was against the dreadful bird Imdugud. This monster had stolen the Me, the tablets of destiny which epitomize the future of the whole world. Asked for help by Enki, Ninurta lured the bird out of his nest. The fight between them took several days until Ninurta was able to slay the monster and return the precious tablet to its rightful owner.

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