Responsibility:   Goddess of wind, mother
Original Realm: Earth
Family:                An (father in law)
                             Enki (brother in law)
                             Ninhursaga (sister in law)
                             Enlil (consort)
                             Nisaba (sister in law)
                             Girra (brother in law)
                             Baba (sister in law) 
                             Ninurta (nephew)
                             Nanna (son)
                             Nergal (son)
                             Inanna (granddaughter)
                             Ereshkigal (grandddaughter)
                             Utu (grandson)

Ninlil is the Goddess of the Wind and Consort of the Wind God Enlil


Ninlil never had big plans - until Enlil came into her life. After he took advantage of her and she bore his children, she made up her mind about one thing: She wanted to be the benevolent mother goddess in a pantheon ruled by her husband. And she was successful.  She overcame the trauma from the assault, married Enlil and gained the role she had dreamt of. It is no wonder that after this enormous achievement, she became a little self-indulgent and lazy. Yet her survival instincts are still intact, and she stands by her husband when times get really tough. She has a sharp mind and can see both sides of a coin. Her analytical brain is often invaluable to get Enlil out of the mess he has talked himself into.


When Enlil forced himself onto her, Ninlil was a normal girl living in Dilmun. Nine months later, she gave birth to the moon god Nanna and was promoted to the rank of a Goddess. To punish his son for having had intercourse with a human being, An sent Enlil to Irkalla. Ninlil followed him and Enlil met her in disguise several times, fathering his other children. He turned up as a gatekeeper and another time as a boatsman. Sounds like Zeus and his lovers? Well, this couple was some three thousand years before their Greek counterparts - you can gather who's the original and who's the fake, can't you?

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