Ninhursaga is the Goddess of the Mountains and Consort of Enki.

Is Ninhursaga your patron god? These are the character traits you owe her:

As goddess of the mountains Ninhursaga made sure you have the ambition to reach the peak of the mountain and she equipped you with the patience and endurance to reach it. You are very much aware that nothing will come from nothing and have developed a strong sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic. Some people may call that dull, but the successes you are able to achieve speak for themselves.

About Ninhursaga:

Ninhursaga played a main role in the creation of the world. When Enki created man out of earth, the rough form was defined, but the details like fingers, toes, the form of the nose were left to the midwife Ninhursaga, who, as always, took on this task with great diligence. Later on, the gods decided to send their offspring to Earth as kings to help humanity in developing the virtues of the Me: civilization. It was Ninhursaga, who nourished each of them with her milk to prepare them for their life on earth which would finally cost them their immortality.

 Since the gods have left the earth, Ninhursaga has focused her attention on her husband Enki. Thanks to her industrious and diligent diplomatic work, he has become one of the most powerful gods. The fact that he is not their indisputable leader is only due to his rather eccentric character.  Ninhursaga knows how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of her fellow gods and goddesses and she is also the one who sets things right when Enki puts them at peril with his uncompromising stance. She lacks spontaneity or imagination; one could even call her dull at times. But why try and put her energy into cultivating creativity when she knows that she will never be able to outshine Enki with her efforts in this field?