Responsibility:   God of pestilence and plague
Original Realm:  Irkalla
Family:                An (grandfather)
                             Enlil (father)
                             Ninlil (mother)
                             Ninhursaga (aunt)
                             Enki (uncle)
                             Nisaba (aunt)
                             Girra (uncle)
                             Baba (aunt) 
                             Nanna (brother)
                             Ninurta (half-brother)
                             Utu (nephew)
                             Inanna (niece)
                             Ereshkigal (niece and consort)


Nergal is the God of Pestilence and Plague


Nergal is neither the romantic seducer nor the energetic conqueror. He always seems a little bit distant and aloof, yet is impressively intelligent. Perhaps this is why his domain of spreading diseases, to keep creation on earth in balance, is one that requires a scientific mind and a rational attitude. Deprived of this activity in space, he is rather busy bringing his wife to terms, when she is freaking out. To keep his mind occupied, he is also assisting Enlil in his never-ending schemes to overtake Enki in their power race. And, of course, he has his secret laboratory on some distant planet out there to create new germs and bacteria – just in case…


Nergal is a god of destruction. His purpose and vocation on earth is to keep population numbers at bay. On a dull and boring day, he found it was time to attack the city of Nippur, which stood under Enlil's protection. During a friendly tea time, he convinced his father that he needed new clothes and Enlil left for Eridu, where the goddess of weaving resided with other minor goddesses in Ninhursaga's temple. In the meantime, Nergal distributed his seeds of plague and, when Enlil returned, the population of the city was reduced by half. He was positively surprised how much quieter the place was now. Not wanting to lose all his worshippers though, he called Baba to heal the few people who had not yet died. Then, he let the matter rest.

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