Responsibility:   God of the moon
Original Realm:  Heaven
Family:                An (grandfather)
                             Enlil (father)                                                              Ninlil (mother)
                             Ninhursaga (aunt)
                             Enki (uncle)
                             Nisaba (aunt)
                             Girra (uncle)
                             Baba (aunt) 
                             Ninurta (half-brother)
                             Nergal (brother)
                             Inanna (daughter)
                             Ereshkigal (daughter)
                             Utu (son)

Nanna is the God of the Moon and the Protector of Shepherds


Nanna is a soft guy, known for his ancient wisdom. He is the only god who really goes to great lengths to protect his family and provides invaluable support to his parents Enlil and Ninlil as well as to his children Utu, Inanna and Ereshkigal. For Utu's ambitions, he is even ready to leave his comfort zone and risk a conflict with Enki. He can be moody, despotic and overprotective, yet his strategic way of thinking and his ability to sense the future clearly outshine those minor flaws.


Nanna's ambition always was to found a centre of power together with his children. The basis of this power was that he, Utu and Inanna ruled the celestial bodies most important to mankind: the Moon, the Sun and Venus. Furthermore, his second daughter Ereshkigal ruled over Irkalla, the realm of the dead. In spite of his high hopes and his immense popularity among the humans, he always remained subordinate to the chief gods of the pantheon, though. We leave it to you to decide whether the fact that he regularly travelled to receive Enlil's blessing was a result of his inferiority or of his unusual family sense.

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