Nanna is the God of the Moon and the Protector of Shepherds

Is Nanna your patron god? These are the character traits you owe him: 

Nanna gave you a lot of warmth and empathy. You are a family person uniting parental and child-like characteristics in your personality. You are caring and protective, but you sometimes overreact like a sulky child, especially if someone interferes with your life or, even more important, your home. Apart from your caring nature Nanna also bestowed some parts of his dark side to you, a certain tendency to brooding and petulance.

About Nanna:

Nanna is a soft guy, known for his ancient wisdom. He is the founder of astrology. In this role he reached such a high esteem among humanity that for some time he even contested Enlil’s claim to leadership. However, he didn’t see it through. Being the only god who really goes to great lengths to protect his family. For Utu's ambitions, he made peace with Enlil and supports the sun god in his endeavor to return wherever he can.

He can be moody, despotic and overprotective, yet his strategic way of thinking and his ability to sense the future clearly outshine those minor flaws.