Responsibility:   Goddess of love
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (great-grandfather)
                             Enlil (grandfather)
                             Ninlil (grandmother)
                             Ninhursaga (grandaunt)
                             Enki (granduncle)
                             Nisaba (grandaunt)
                             Girra (granduncle)
                             Baba (grandaunt) 
                             Nanna (father)
                             Ninurta (uncle)
                             Nergal (uncle and brother in
                             Utu (brother)
                             Ereshkigal (sister)


Inanna is the Goddess of Love, Desire and Political Power


As the goddess of love and desire, Inanna does not only adore making love, but she is fond of all the good things in life: food, drink and beauty alike. How she keeps in perfect shape is her secret. She is deadly attractive and no one among the gods can resist her charm. Inanna is used to getting what she wants. If any of her wishes are ever denied, she simply takes what she desires by force. Those who dare to offend her will feel her cruel revenge like her sister Ereshkigal, who humiliated her when she came to Irkalla. Just to spite her, she joined Enki and supports the idea of letting humanity develop on its own without any further divine interference.


Inanna always played the part of an unpredictable, not negligible force in the struggle of power among the gods. Interestingly, she is the only goddess with  an appetite for power, whereas the rest of her female relatives are content with backing their husbands or assimilating their respective professional stance. Inanna tricked Enki into giving her the Me, the powers of civilzation, and she blackmailed An to let her have the Bull of Heaven to use against Gilgamesh. The only one who did not simply let her have her will was her sister Ereshkigal. The goddess of the underworld stripped Inanna of her powers when she came to Irkalla and killed her. Enki was deeply troubled about this news and resurrected her. The Galla, the underworld's henchmen, demanded another soul in exchange for Inanna's. Inanna let them take her husband Dumuzid after she had found out he wasn't mourning her at all.

The two sisters had never got along well but after this fateful incident, each pledged revenge against the other.

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