Responsibility:   God of Fire and Light
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (father)
                             Enlil (brother)
                             Enki (half-brother)
                             Ninhursaga (sister)
                             Ninlil (sister in law)
                             Nisaba (half-sister)
                             Baba (sister) 
                             Ninurta (nephew)
                             Nanna (nephew)
                             Nergal (nephew)
                             Inanna (grandniece)
                             Ereshkigal (granddniece)
                             Utu (grandnephew)

Girra is the God of Fire and Light. 



Girra represents fire in all its aspects. Most of the time, he embodies the fire of creation, emanating energy and optimism. He is honest and direct to the point of total tactlessness. Scheming and trickery turn his merrily flickering flames into a ravaging fiery storm. With Enki, he established an eternal friendship and they cooperated closely to bring civilization to mankind, teaching the humans to control the fire in furnaces and kilns. Today he is still a loyal supporter of the water god and an active protector of mankind although he is often distracted from earthly topics by Utu, with whom he shares the enthusiasm for solar storms.



Girra was often addressed in magical ceremonies which involved purifying fire to keep away demons and other evil. When someone broke an oath or perjured in good faith, they peeled an onion into the fire or stripped dates from a branch into the flames and asked Girra to undo their sins. People also prayed to Girra when they were convinced they had been bewitched. Figurines representing the sorcerer who laid the curse on them were burnt and Girra was called to bring relief.

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