Responsibility:   Goddess of the Underworld
Original Realm:  Irkalla
Family:                An (great-grandfather)
                             Enlil (grandfather)
                             Ninlil (grandmother)
                             Ninhursaga (grandaunt)
                             Enki (granduncle)
                             Nisaba (grandaunt)
                             Girra (granduncle)
                             Baba (grandaunt) 
                             Nanna (father)
                             Ninurta (uncle)
                             Nergal (uncle and consort)
                             Utu (brother)
                             Inanna (sister)

Ereshkigal is the Goddess and Queen of the Underworld, Realm of the Dead


Since she was abducted to Irkalla to become queen of the underworld, she has been nursing a grudge against most of the gods, suspecting them of plotting against her. Her sense of leadership helped her build a position of absolute power in her realm - a power that cannot be called into question by any other god, not even her husband Nergal, who is the only god to share her abode in Irkalla. Only he has almost earned her trust and only he can cope with her frequent bad temper with astonishing patience and understanding. And by leaving Irkalla, her mood did not improve; on the contrary, she is desparately homesick for the warmth, the dust and the billions of dead souls she can boss around.


How the marriage between Nergal and Ereshkigal exactly came about is still one of the big unknown stories. What is known is that Nergal invited the goddess of the underworld to a divine banquet. Unable to leave the underworld herself, she sent a minor god as her representative. He was received well by all the other guests at the banquet but was completely ignored by the host. As a consequence, Nergal was banished to the Underworld and shortly afterwards news spread that Ereshkigal and Nergal were married. Are the two of them united by passionate love or did Nergal succeed where Inanna failed and manage to get the rule over Irkalla, accepting marriage to Ereshkigal as the prize to be paid?

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