Responsibility:   God of wind, air and
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (father)
                             Enki (half-brother)
                             Ninhursaga (sister)
                             Ninlil (consort)
                             Nisaba (half-sister)
                             Girra (brother)
                             Baba (sister) 
                             Ninurta (son)
                             Nanna (son)
                             Nergal (son)
                             Inanna (granddaughter)
                             Ereshkigal (grandddaughter)
                             Utu (grandson)

Enlil is the God of Wind, Air and Storms and finds himself in constant competition with Enki for the leadership among the gods


Enlil is one of the two great leaders among the gods. Being not the greatest of warriors his leadership is based on his exceptional skills of persuasion and manipulation. As god of the winds, he moves with incredible speed and always turns up where he is least expected to gather the necessary information for his next conspiracy. The only reason why Enki is still a serious threat to Enlil's leadership is the fact that Enlil could also be called the "God of Indiscretion", as he loves talking - about anything that comes to his mind, even about his plans and strategies. 


Enlil is the god who found it most difficult to cope with the noise and hustle of mankind as their population grew. In his rage, he decided to cover the earth with a deluge that would kill all forms of life. After mankind had been saved by Utnapishtim and his wife, it was inevitable that the point would be reached when Enlil's nerves would again be on edge. This time, being aware that he was not able to convinde the gods once more to destroy the humans, he decided to persuade them to abandon the bustling and overcrowded Earth and look for a brighter and quieter future in other parts of the universe.

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