Responsibility:   God of water, crafts and
Original Realm: Abzu
Family:                An (father)
                             Enlil (half-brother)
                             Ninhursaga (step-sister and
                             Ninlil (sister in law)
                             Nisaba (half-sister)
                             Girra (half-brother)
                             Baba (half-sister) 
                             Ninurta (step-son)
                             Nanna (nephew)
                             Nergal (nephew)
                             Inanna (grandniece)
                             Ereshkigal (granddniece)
                             Utu (grandnephew)

Enki is the God of Creation, Crafts and Water, Ruler over the Abzu, the Primeval Sea between Ki and Irkalla


Enki loves spending most of his time dreaming up innovations designed to improve the life of the gods. One of his greater ideas was the creation of mankind. Still fond of this stroke of genius, he is doing everything he can to protect them from the destructive machinations of some of his fellow gods. To him, their objections to some of his inventions are hasty and emotional reactions of people who can't grasp the broader picture. When it comes to dealing with them, he completely relies on Ninhursaga and happily retires to his newly created water realm on Neptune.



Apart from creating man as a the most complex being on Earth, Enki also came up with the Me that would later be called "civilzation". It is the biggest treasure of mankind as it is composed of divine powers and properties. On a warm summer evening, Enki invited his niece Inanna for a drink. They started gambling upon Inanna's suggestion, drank a lot more and Enki lost and lost. Not wanting to drown in gambling debts and a little tipsy, he went all in and proposed the Me as the final stake for the next game. Unfortunately he lost again and Inanna took the Me and left. When Enki woke up with a hangover and found out what he had done, he tried to get his treasure back, but to no avail. It was Ninhursaga, who concluded a treaty with Inanna and the other gods to set up a scheme in which the Me would be rotated annually among all the gods. When they left the earth, the treasure of the Me remained safely hidden in the Abzu.

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