Responsibility:   Goddess of Healing
Original Realm:  Earth
Family:                An (father)
                             Enlil (brother)
                             Girra (brother)
                             Enki (half-brother)
                             Ninhursaga (sister)
                             Ninlil (sister in law)
                             Nisaba (half-sister)
                             Ninurta (nephew)
                             Nanna (nephew)
                             Nergal (nephew)
                             Inanna (grandniece)
                             Ereshkigal (granddniece)
                             Utu (grandnephew)

Baba is the Goddess of Healing and is endowed with strong regenerative power.


Just like her sister, Nisaba, Baba is completely dedicated to her professional vocation. She is a very honest, conscientious and orderly person and hates if her power is abused to foster the schemes of other gods. It happened more than once that one of her fellow gods kept her from someone who needed help in order to secure an advantage over their rival. But as healing and forgiving often go hand in hand, Baba rarely bares grudges against anyone and is a very enjoyable and popular companion in almost all divine social circles.


Baba has no need to offensively assert her power. All of the gods are aware that there are moments even in immortal lives when their well-being depends on Baba's powers of healing. Her natural enemy is Nergal, who can't resist spreading an ugly disease from time to time. She has absolutely no understanding for such nonsense but to Baba her vocation always prevails over personal animosities. And the fact that even Nergal depends on her when he gets wounded in a fight gives her a certain satisfaction.
She was also called upon to breathe back life into the humans after the great flood and is, beside Girra, the most important deity for those afflicted with sickness or black magic.


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