January 2020


Your start into the new year could not be more powerful. However, the runner who starts faster is not automatically the winner of the race.  This year your ability for the day-to-day chores and responsibility for each other are on your plate. A great start is good, but don’t lose your breath.


Motivation and energy are key to success. Uncontrolled energy may lead to taking unnecessary risks. If you get carried away by your enthusiasm you lose track and then it doesn’t matter how fast you are running.


A great start of a race unleashes a lot of emotions – relief, the feeling that you can fly and win anything. It also sets free fantasies of what will happen when you win. You see yourself on the top of the winners’ podium waving at the cheering crowds and you may overlook a curve, a little unevenness on the ground… Focus and stay in the present!