January 2020


Love is all about communication. To feel loved means to receive signs from your loved one that you are appreciated. Having a good time and laughing together is great and may be sufficient for a friendship – although even there, in many cases it isn‘t. When it comes to love, sensitivity and empathy are essential – you have them inside you, just let them shine.


Motivation and power are essential for achieving your goals. Your success however, will be even bigger if you take a closer look and find out where a powerful fist is needed to remove an obstacle and where it is sufficient to take a closer look and find the handle to the small door that will enable you to leave that horrendous obstacle of a wall behind you.


Your strength is great and certainly sufficient to remove any obstacle on your path. But do you really have a clear picture of what you want to achieve? Lack of focus and understanding of the details may induce you to destroy more than the actual obstacle and deteriorate your position for a fresh start.