January 2020


When things are pink and peachy, we tend to take them for granted and become careless. Enjoying life with the necessary mindfulness and gratefulness will give greater joy not only to you but also to the people around you.


Sometimes we are on a track, like a train following the rails on a scheduled and foreseen path. We may miss things that are on a side track, that lay hidden, a little bit away from the main rails and junctions. And yet, they are beautiful and worth being considered. Even if you feel you are on the right track, stop from time to time and look at the scenery around you. There may be places you want to see – and if you can’t get there as a train, maybe you have to become something else or someone else to reach the beauties beyond.


You have all the strength you need to live your ideas and get the obstacles out of the way, maybe even for a little transformation.