Utnapishtim is more widely known as Noah, the guy who built the ark, to save mankind after Enlil and some of the gods got enraged with the development of human civilization. For his loyalty to Enki and his remarkable accomplishment he and his wife were awarded immortality.

When the gods finally left earth behind, he was entrusted with the supervision of the demons who had to step in for the absent gods. In a situation of emergency, he gathered the demons and the Sumerian high priests of the time to found the Order of Dilmun.

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Robert Foss

Mr. Foss is an inspector of the Viennese police who takes over Ahmed’s case from the xenophobic inspector Schlegel. He is a supporter of a group who is convinced that the secret knowledge of the Order of Dilmun has to be made publicly accessible and with this clearly opposes Utnapishtim and the leaders of the orders.


Benjamin Steinfeld

Mr. Steinfeld is an antiques dealer in Vienna. He is a warden, meaning his role is to protect the secret of the order and act as the middle man between the keepers and Utnapishtim. In his many years of work for Utnapishtim he has learned about many secrets around the Order of Dilmun - it may be that this one is just out of his league.


Marco Savelli

Mr. Savelli belongs to the italian branch of the Order. He owns a well-known security company that specializes in guarding museums.

He, too, is a supporter of the group who is convinced that the secret knowledge of the Order of Dilmun has to be made publicly accessible.


Martin Wiesinger

Maritn Wiesinger is the keeper of Inanna's esemtu. Izzy’s father wanted to keep his daughter from the family secret as long as possible, not only because he believed that being an active member of the order requires a lot of personal maturity, but also because he knows about the dangers his secret knowledge may mean for society.


Isabella Wiesinger

Izzy is a student of archaeology and art. She is fascinated by ancient mythology and more excited than frightened when she finds out that her family has a secret that draws her even further into the world of Sumerian ghosts and demons. She is, however, not aware of the risks she is taking and her loyalty to the Order may cost her dearly.


David Sambula

Dave is a student of Catholic theology who came to Vienna to write his master's thesis about the Benedictine order there. He knows Ethan from London, where the two of them had once shared a flat during the summer holidays.

David is a great friend, always ready to help others, but what he must now cope with does not only put his belief but also his relationships to a test.


Ethan Wimsey

Ethan is a soon-to-be detective and a bit of a computer nerd. The solving of puzzles runs in his family.

He pursues postgraduate studies before joining the police force. He has a very logical mind and does not believe in supernatural phenomena, but he is ready to follow the logic of one of the greatest British detectives: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”