July 2019

The 5 Major Elements of Esemtu Vol. 1


Hi, we are Raph and Karin, the team behind Esemtu.

Raph is responsible for the beautiful design of everything we create, from the comic books to the merch and our Instagram postings. I am the one who tries to deliver content - stories that fascinate and entertain - to simply make your time with our books worthwhile!

We had an incredible time last week, launching our Esemtu Vol. 1 on Amazon and were totally over the moon when we discovered that we’ve reached number one on two of their bestseller lists. Again, thanks to all who supported us in making the launch a success!

This is also our first post here and we would like to tell you a bit about how this book became what it is. We are planning to write a monthly blog about our ideas around Esemtu but also about what is going on in our lives – we hope you’ll enjoy it.

When we thought about writing a graphic novel, the first thing we did was to pick the motives and genres of our favourite books. And, being rather different in interests and reading habits, we came up with the following elements we wanted to see in our work:

  • Fantasy, demons, dragons, mythical creatures
  • Crime and suspense
  • A historical background - the feeling that what our characters are going through, may be real. I mean, if you research the background a bit, you shouldn’t find the story completely impossible
  • Relatable and complex characters with the conflicts we all know from our lives in one form or another
  • And of course, a cool plot that will unfold in a whole series of books.

You will notice that some of these points are interconnected, like, if you pick a certain period or civilization in history, you are automatically bound to its traditional mythology. So, if you chose Greek background you would automatically have to deal with the gods of the Olympus, Hades etc.

After a lot of thoughts and discussions we decided to go for Sumer. The Sumerian civilization is the first one with a written tradition. It’s the first one that provides us with stories about gods and heroes that lived about 5000 years ago. And when we read about them, we found that their stories are interwoven with the much younger myths we know. Like the great deluge with Noah and his arch: it has been described in the bible 250 BC but the first report comes from the Sumerians and is 1800 years older – stunning isn’t it?

And as those stories had been kept alive for 2000 years at that time, why shouldn’t we pick them up and carry them on into our days? That was our basic inspiration. Not only did we take the figure of Noah or Utnapishtim, as he is called in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, but also the gods and demons of the Sumerians and made them a part of our modern 21st century world.

Could we stir up your curiosity? See how gods, demons and immortals change the lives of our three students, who at the beginning have nothing more in mind than helping a poor refugee from Iraq. Tell us what you think, give us feedback and share your ideas in the comment down below. You just have to register and off you go.

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