We're the team behind Esemtu - Michaela, Raphaela and Karin Springer.

Esemtu is a family project between the three of us.
We felt like the comic world - western comics especially - is a little oversaturated with superheroes at the moment. And, while that is a great genre, we wanted to create a little different story - a story where the main characters don't have any special powers, where they're just regular people like you and me.
Yet, a story that encompasses the complexity of a full length novel in graphic form - preferably while also maintaining some of the charm of the classic, more child-oriented comic books we grew up with.

We are aware that the first book takes its time to get the plot fully going but we wanted to make sure everything was properly introduced before we pick up the pace.

We have some great plans for this series and we hope you stick around with us to find out what happens next!


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